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With our expertise and high-quality products, you probably won't need to rely on a warranty, but just in case...
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Garage Door Service Warranty when you need it…

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Loyalty Garage Door WarrantyLoyalty Garage Doors is one of the few companies that offer a garage door service warranty to our customers. We take pride in our work. That is why we stand behind it with our guarantee.

Not many places these days offer affordable prices along with a guarantee. Loyalty Garage Doors puts our customers first. Additionally, Let our professional garage door technicians go to work for you. We proudly serve all of Orange County, CA.

We Stand Behind Our Products

In most cases, our customers never need to put our warranty to the test. We only use the highest quality products to begin with. This means that they hold up over time. Since we are a family-owned business, we rely on our honesty and positive reputation in order to generate and maintain a loyal customer base. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

We also offer a wide range of options for garage doors for both our residential and our commercial customers. We can design and install a standard garage door, or help you with custom-made garage doors designed especially for you. Your garage can look simple or elegant.

When it comes to choosing the material for your garage door, we offer many choices. You can select from the following: barn doors, roll up doors, shed doors, glass garage doors, wood garage doors, modern garage doors, carriage house garage doors, black garage doors, sliding garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, 16X7 garage doors, aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors, vinyl garage doors, and more.

We Offer 24/7 Fast Service 365 Days a Year

We are never closed. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is. If your garage door malfunctions, we understand how frustrating it can be. That is why our highly skilled technicians have fast response times. We do not want you to be late to work or school. If you need us to rush to your home, let us know if you have a timeline. Since we are local, it is easy for our fast and friendly staff to accommodate your needs.

We Offer Warranties to Protect You

Warranties can be confusing. We want our customers to know exactly how our warranty works. There are no hidden surprises. We educate our clients on how our products and services are covered. Following is an explanation of how our services are covered.

5 Year Warranty New Garage Door Installs 150

We offer a 5 year warranty on all new garage doors installed. If you are not satisfied with how your garage door is working, call us.  We use only the top quality brands and work to get you the best door for your money.

2 Year Warranty Garage Door Openers Springs 150

We also offer a 2 year warranty for garage door openers and/or spring replacement. These two devices get used often. Our technicians only select the highest quality parts. We try to eliminate problems from developing in the first place. Despite our best efforts, sometimes a part will wear due to prolonged use. If this happens, call our highly skilled staff to fix your garage door.

1 Year Warranty Garage Door Repair 150

We offer a 1 year warranty on any repair work that needs to be done. Please note that the warranty does not include the cost of parts. We do make exceptions to this warranty in certain situations. We communicate with our customers before we perform any work. You will always know what is covered and the up front pricing for the cost of any parts that may be needed.

If you live in Orange County, CA, call Loyalty Garage Doors today. We offer competitive pricing. You will rest easily knowing that we honor a garage door service warranty. Schedule an appointment with us today. You will see why we are the number one garage door business in Orange County, California.

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We have several warranty options based on the service we provide. By using the best quality products and materials, we hope you never need it, but our warranty is there for the just-in-case.

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