garage door repair OCThe garage door has the ability to enhance the curb appeal of your home and have an impact on the value of the home. Making sure that the garage door is in good repair is important to assure that no one gets hurt when it is operated and that home and vehicles remain safe. Sometimes garage door repair is needed. Knowing which tasks you can do yourself is important to know.

Types of Garage Doors

Just as each person has their own unique personality, each garage door is different. Residential garage doors are an expression of the owner of the property. There are three basic types of garage doors. These are sectional, single panel and rolled doors garage doors.

Each of these types of doors represent a different level of garage door maintenance that will be needed. Depending on what type of material the door is made of and what type of garage door opener is used, the maintenance requirements may be higher or lower.

Choosing the material the door will be made of can make all the difference in repair and maintenance costs and labor. The different materials that garage doors are typically made of include:

  • wood
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • fiberglass
  • vinyl

Wood garage doors will require yearly finishing and maintenance, while fiberglass garage doors and vinyl garage doors need the least attention.

The types of garage door opener used on the door will also change the needs of the door. If the opener is a chain drive it will be relatively easy to keep working and is relatively affordable. The belt drive opener is a little more expensive, nut runs quieter. A jack shaft is very expensive and is the type that is used when the opener cannot be mounted on the ceiling of the garage.

Common Garage Door Issues

Do It Yourself garage door repair can be done on many different issues that may arise. For instance, if the door sticks there may be an obstruction in your tracks. It can also be a need for lubricant or that the cables or springs are wearing.

Another issue that may present itself is uneven operation. If the door moves sluggishly or unevenly in its tracks check for obstructions and the possible need for cleaning. If the door makes loud noises when being operated, a bit of lubricant may solve the issue.

Another common problem cited with garage doors is that it falls too quickly when closing. This can be an issues of broken cables or even a need for broken spring repair. If the springs are found to be an issue, be sure to call a licensed, bonded, and insured professional to do the job.

Know When To Call The Professionals

Anytime that you need broken spring repair on your garage door opener need to be fixed, replaced, or maintained, be sure to call a professional repairman. This is because very specialized tools will be needed to do the job and certain tension must be acquired. We at Loyalty Garage Door have over 5 years experience repairing, installing and replacing garage doors and can handle both the small and large jobs.

Heavier doors will always require more than one individual and can cause harm if done wrong. Do not take a chance on getting hurt, call the Orange County garage door professionals at Loyalty Garage Door we have the experience and will get the job done right.

Some may find that they simply don’t have the time it takes to make the needed repairs. Not to worry, call Loyalty Garage Door because we specialize in garage door maintenance and repair. Call the professional technicians in Orange County that offer consistent, reliable service with upfront prices.

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