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Garage Door Locks Orange CountyThere was a time in the past where garage door locks were not as important as they are today. Unfortunately, having an unlocked door is now an open invitation to thieves that will take advantage of the situation. It is more important now than ever to have a reputable and professional company such as Loyalty Garage Doors to install the latest in locking systems for your garage doors. When you hire a professional to take care of securing your property, it is important that the company is a reputable and trusted service.

Our company has 5 years experience in the business of installing and repairing a variety of garage doors. Our business is family-owned. We are a leader in fast and friendly service with honest quotes and upfront pricing. With our 24 hr garage door services, there is no need to panic when emergencies arise. Simply call up Loyalty Garage Doors to secure your garage with a new mortise lock or rim cylinder lock.

Garage Door Lock Installation

Mortise lock installation is most often performed on plywood doors. On metal garage doors, we install a rim cylinder lock positioned on the inside of the door frame. Both kinds of locks can be installed by our fast and friendly lock technicians in a number of finishes and styles to match your current decor. There is no need to leave your valuables unprotected when a simple call to our 24/7 garage door services will solve all of your garage door lock installation needs.

Garage Door Lock Repair

Locks for Garage Doors OCIf you have been the victim of a recent break-in of your overhead garage door, it is essential that the repairs be made quickly and efficiently. We carry out emergency garage door lock repair with as little interruption to our clients’ lives as possible and with upfront pricing. When you receive the quote for the services necessary, there will be no hidden fees or costs.

Garage Door Lock Rekey

If you need garage door lock re-key services, our knowledgeable and trustworthy employees are highly trained in a variety of locks and locking systems. This need may arise in the instance of the loss of the master keys, taking over new properties, or possibly an update to a current security system. Regardless if the property has commercial garages or residential garages, we excel at rekeying garage door locks in Orange County, CA.

Service Area

Our garage door lock services extend to the entire Orange County, CA, including garage door Cypress and San Clemente services. Our 24/7 service is available for our customers to reach our friendly and reliable staff on any day at any time. Immediately upon receiving your call, our technicians will be dispatched to the specific area where you are located. We will advise you ahead of time of our arrival and offer an honest and accurate estimate of the services or parts needed.

Why Loyalty Garage Doors?

The answer to this question is located in the name of our company. Our loyalty is what makes our company stand out above competitors. We are fiercely loyal to our customers in the areas of garage door maintenance, affordable prices, and fast response times. Our family-owned garage door company is ready for any garage door Orange County CA service. We are completely licensed, bonded, and insured with up front pricing and 5 years experience in the area of installing, repairing, and rekeying garage door locks.

Our team at Loyalty has the expertise, equipment, and competitive pricing that it takes to deliver the highest quality service in Orange County, CA at the lowest overall cost to our customers. It is important to us that our customers are both safe and satisfied. When your security has been compromised, call on us to secure your property and make it safe again.


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